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The Mentors Project

Dear friends, colleagues and fans of my work. I'm excited to announce the launch of my campaign to fulfill a lifelong dream - a big band album where each tune is a dedication to someone who was an important mentor for me in my artistic path. This will be an extraordinary album, involving some of the best musicians in the world!

The Mentors Project GoFundMe Campaign

Teddy and Philomina Soundtrack

2018 kicks off with a release of the soundtrack Teddy and Philomina, an independent romantic comedy I did back in the 90s which features a cool jazz quintet score with Cecilia Coleman, Steve Huffsteter, Andy Suzuki, Dean Taba and Kendall Kay.

Teddy and Philomina Soundtrack

A busy year!

2017 has been super busy with the release of Outcast: Second Contact, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, along with additional music duties on Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Call of Duty: WWII.

I love what I do and so appreciate all the great comments from fans.

Here's to an even more awesome 2018!

Tang Media Partners Logo

I'm happy to announce that I wrote the logo for a new movie studio, Tang Media Partners. You can hear the short version of the logo in the film The Edge of Seventeen which is in theaters as of today (11/18/16).

I'm so grateful to the folks at Tang Media Partners, Alex Kharlamov for doing the electronic music design, Judy Kirschner for her wonderful mixes, Paul Talkington, Peter Fuchs and Tina Guo for playing some lovely solo cello.

Here are the official websites involved:
Movie official website - The Edge of Seventeen
Tang Media Partners site - Tang Media Partners

New Music Kit for Dota 2

My new artist music pack for Dota 2: The International 2016 is out!

Dota 2: The International 2016 Battle Pass

New Music Kit for CSGO

CSGO: Java Havana Funkaloo

New CSGO Music Kits are out and I'm proud to be one of the contributing artists. This time I had to follow a whim that Counter Strike was just not funky enough! And yes, that's my Electric Bass.

CSGO Most Valuable Kits

Halo Anniversary Soundtracks on iTunes

image of Halo Anniversary CD booklets

Soundtracks for both Anniversary editions of Halo 2 and Combat Evolved are now available on iTunes. Working on this great franchise with such an amazing music team with Paul Lipson, Brian Trifon, Tom Salta and Wataru Hokoyama; it has been a priviledge and an honor. I'm so grateful everyday for being able to contribute to great projects like these.

Halo CE Anniversary on iTunes

Halo 2 Anniversary on iTunes

Halo Master Chief Collection

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is finally out on XBOX ONE! I'm so proud to have been involved with this project. Congrats to everyone on our awesome audio team Paul Lipson, Tom Salta, Wataru Hokoyama, Brian Trifon, Brian Lee White and to our guest artists Steve Vai and Misha Mansoor for kicking so much ass.

PAX PRIME 2014: Halo and the Journey of the Master Chief

Outcast Soundtrack Re-issued!

Outcast Soundtrack CD booklet

The Outcast original score is now available on all digital stores (Amazon, iTunes...etc). The score was among the first live orchestral scores ever recorded for a video game, and until now it was only available through the purchase of the game. Featuring the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and Chorus with over a hundred musicians, the new digital release includes a total of 29 tracks, featuring tons of exclusive material such as alternate recordings and music from the intro sequence.

Outcast on iTunes

Forza Motorsport 5 revealed!

image of conductor's score from Forza Motorsport 5

A great behind-the-scenes article on Forza Motorsport 5 to be realeased with the launch of the XBOX One! I was honored to handle all the orchestration on this baby.

Forza 5 article

Fighter Within Revealed!

Fighter Within box art

I've written some really fun percussion tracks for Ubisoft's "Fighter Within," a new fighting game from my friends at Daoka for the XBOX One!

Fighter Within

Rising Storm Soundtrack available

Rising Storm CD booklet

The soundtrack for my score to Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm is now available! Composer duties were shared between lead composer Chris Rickwood who wrote the Main Theme and the Japanese Campaign, and me composing the U.S campaign in this WWII online multi-player shooter.

Rising Storm Original Soundtrack

Star Wars: The Old Republic

If you haven't played this game yet, now's your chance to join in on the fun! If you're on the Harbinger server you might even run into one of my characters - Faerhan, a Sith Sorcerer; Xulak, Sith Juggernaut; and K'usa, Sith Bounty Hunter).

Yup. That's correct. I love being Sith.

Read more   Official SWTOR Website

Behind The Scenes: Halo Anniversary Music

This was such an amazing project to be invloved in as orchestrator/adapter. My buddies Kris and Paul from Microsoft lay it all out while you can occasioanlly get a glimpse of me in "focus" mode in the background.

Official Halo Anniversary Website

Kinect Disneyland Adventures

Pyramind Studios brought me and many of my fantastic colleagues in to create over three hours of music for Kinect Disneyland Adventures. I was the "Mountain" man, writing music for Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain.

Read more   Official KDA Website

2011 G.A.N.G. Awards

GANG Awards

Both Kinect Disneyland Adventures and Star Wars: The Old Republic gathered top honors at the 2011 G.A.N.G. Awards held at GDC this spring. SWTOR won for Best Soundtrack Album (where Halo Anniversary was also nominated) and KDA won Best Interactive Score and Best Use of Licensed Music awards.

I'm extremely honored and grateful to the G.A.N.G. membership who voted, the teams of people working hard on these projects and to all the fans who've enjoyed the music and the games. Thank you all.

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Mix Magazine Article on KDA/Halo Projects

Kinect Disneyland Adventures box art

Mix Magazine recently did a great article covering the music for both Kinect Disneyland Adventures and Halo Anniversary. Check it out...

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Composing Star Wars: The Old Republic

Here's a behind-the-scenes video on the music for Star Wars: The Old Republic done by the folks at Gamespot featuring all of us composers.

Official SWTOR Website

Watchmen In Motion Interview

WMC in Motion banner

Randall Larson interviews me about the Watchmen Motion Comic and my other film and game scores. I was really amazed by how much research he did on my background and his questions were thoughtful and engaging.

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Game-Ost Career Highlights Interview

Game-OST logo

Chris Greening's excellent 2011 interview with me about my career as a composer for media.

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Square Enix Music Online Interview

SquareEnixMusicOnline header


In this interview I go into some fairly intense and detailed descriptions of my writing approach to Outcast and video game music of that timeframe.

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