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For decades Lennie Moore has been a proven force as an accomplished composer, arranger and orchestrator of music for videogames, commercials, film, and television. His credits include Outcast: Second Contact, artist music packs for DOTA2: The International 2016 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Fighter Within, Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Halo Combat Evolved 10th Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, The Walking Dead Motion Comic, Watchmen Motion Comic, MTG: Duels of the Planeswalkers, Dirty Harry, Dragonshard, and War of the Ring.

Lennie has also developed and taught Composition as an adjunct professor for USC, UCLA Extension, and currently at the Technology and Applied Composition program at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Biography cont.

Lennie Moore began composing at an early age. “I remember being about 4 or 5 years old, sitting at the piano, with my mother transcribing on music paper for me, as I was plunking out a melody and saying things like ‘I want that note!’”

Lennie has studied writing with jazz icons Toshiko Akiyoshi, Julian Priester, and Kim Richmond and has also been under the tutelage of outstanding Berklee College of Music faculty Herb Pomeroy, David Mash, Ken Pullig, Barrie Nettles, Bob Freedman and Michael Gibbs.

Lennie completed his degree at Berklee and holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Composition. He has also studied orchestral conducting for 6 years under renowned teacher, William Kettering, from the conducting lineage of Leon Barzan and Arturo Toscanini.


    Halo Theme Gungnir Mix

  • 2014 G.A.N.G. Award, Best Original Instrumental

    Kinect Disneyland Adventures

  • 2011 G.A.N.G. Award, Best Interactive Score
  • 2011 G.A.N.G. Award, Best Use of Licensed Music

    Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

  • 2011 G.A.N.G. Award Nominee, Best Soundtrack Album

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • 2011 G.A.N.G. Award, Best Soundtrack Album
  • 2011 Gamer's Choice Awards, Best MMO Game

    Watchmen Motion Comic

  • 2008 G.A.N.G. Award, Best Audio Other
  • (with Will Storkson, Sound Design)


  • 2000 AIAS Best Music Nominee

Accolades cont.

“Aside from the fact that Lennie is a brilliant composer, aside from the fact that he works quickly, efficiently, and with the utmost level of professionalism, aside from fact that he's extremely experienced and knows how to tackle whatever you throw at him - aside from all of those things, Lennie Moore is the perfect guy to have in the trenches with you."

"You need someone with a 'can do' attitude? Hire Lennie. You want a brilliant composer whose persistent optimism is infectious? Hire Lennie. You want someone who will pitch in with whatever needs to be done without the slightest hesitation? Hire Lennie. Hire Lennie for all of these reasons, but at the bare minimum hire Lennie because your project will be better off for it.”

Jesse Harlin, Composer/Music Supervisor at LucasArts


“Lennie had so many fun ideas for the movie. He found a sound palette that gave the film a modern day messiah feel, which is exactly what we needed. He has a great ear and a gift for telling stories with music. Lennie is a collaborator, fast, technically profound and fun to hang out with. Now when people watch the film they always remark on how fantastic the music is.”

Aaron Lindenthaler, Director, Dandelion Pictures


“I have worked with Lennie for years. He has done outstanding orchestrating, conducting and composing for my company. But, be careful......he steals cookies.”

Jeff Koz, HUM Music and Sound Design

Accolades cont.

“We hired Lennie to write symphonic music for our game Outcast in 1997. I was looking for someone who could handle all the music production aspects from composing to hiring the soloists and orchestra and organise recording sessions. And the result was outstanding, way beyond my expectations. I'm a film music lover, so I had strong references in my mind and all I can say is Lennie was up to the task. The music was inspirational, the orchestration filled with rich articulations and great themes, the recording quality was top notch, and the most important thing, the music fit so well into the game's universe. Looking back at the game today makes me smile because the graphics look so dated. But if there is one thing that still stands up against any of today's next gen blockbusters, it is Lennie's wonderful score.”

Franck Sauer, Art Director/Co-Owner at Appeal


“Lennie is the best. Call him and know that all your musical needs will be taken care of! His skills, versatility and personality combine to make this the easiet decision you will make.”

David Schwartz, Composer (Reaper, Arrested Development, Deadwood)


“Lennie did a terrific job for me on a project for the BBC a few years back. Lennie is a complete musician as well as techno-expert, and I would have total confidence working with him in any situation: film, tv, videogames, "live" music (all styles), etc. I look forward to working with him again.”

Peter Erskine, Drummer, Composer, Educator


“It doesn’t get any better than SWTOR when it comes to audio with hundreds of hours of professionally recorded dialogue (including alien dialects), fantastic sound effects, and a dynamic soundtrack that will ramp up during combat then slip away leaving you only with environmental effects for the more exploratory parts of the game.”

Gamechronicles.com Review


“Audio is another home-run for the game all around. As we’ve come to expect from Bioware, the voice acting is top notch and the game is scored by a full orchestra -- complete with ominous chanting choirs to create that tension filled Star Wars style music that does so well with lightsaber fights.”

Ausgamers.com SWTOR Review


“The film [Watchmen Motion Comic] is especially benefitted by a musical score from Lennie Moore...especially evocative in the breathtaking “Watchmaker” episode, where it thrusts its dramatic, epic atmosphere beneath the narration as Jon, Dr. Manhattan, weaves his timeless and timeshifting tale. Moore gives the story much of its emotive vitality and expressiveness, aided by the voice performance and sound effects.”

Randall Larson, "Watchmen in Motion: Scoring Motion Comics with Lennie Moore"

Press cont.

“The music in Outcast is performed by the magnificent Moscow Symphony Orchestra (along with a choir) and created by Los Angeles composer Lennie Moore. There is a level of professionalism and polish here comparable to the best movie scores.”

Bob Mandell, The Adreneline Vault


“Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of a game that can make or break its immersion value lies in its music and sound. Outcast achieves near perfection on both. The musical score is breathtaking; surpassing the quality of most movies and games I have seen in the past few years. Appeal went all out. The music is composed and orchestrated by Lennie Moore, and performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. One welcome feature is the seamless transition of music from scene to scene. If you're taking a Sunday stroll around the village, a pleasantly calm but moving score accompanies you. Encounter an enemy, and the battle music begins.”

John Wooldridge


“The musical score and sound effects of Outcast were probably the least hyped aspect of the game, however, they are probably the elements which stand out the most. The background music that accompanies you throughout your adventure is composed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, and is the best we have ever heard.”

Will Geer, 3D Rage



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